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NBC New York: The 2017 Super Bowl commercials are already here

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Publication date 1/31/2017

Want to see what the Super Bowl commercials without actually sitting through the Super Bowl? Well, you’re in luck.

Advertisers, shelling out as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot during the game, are looking to get more bang for their buck by unveiling their spots as soon as possible.

This helps broaden brands’ audience and exposure, while allowing people to check out the advertisements on their own time, according to Jordan Cohen, the chief marketing officer of Fluent, a platform that collects marketing data.

“I often joke (although it’s not really a joke) that the Super Bowl is the only show on television that people tune into and actually want to watch the commercials,” he said.

Cohen said he doesn’t know how many commercials typically get teased before the Super Bowl, however, according to Fluent’s research, about 31 percent of people plan on watching Super Bowl ads online prior to the game.

He added that in this day and age, he believes that a number of people will choose to DVR the game and skip through commercials, or turn away from the TV while they’re on, Super Bowl ads have developed a reputation for entertainment that causes people to seek them out before the game.

This year, Cohen said Anheuser-Busch stands to be a winner with its game night advertisements. He said its Budweiser brand “[takes] the crown as the most eagerly anticipated repeat advertiser of the evening,” while Busch, a newcomer, is the most eagerly anticipated first-time advertiser.

Adding that it will be interesting to see how other newcomers fare, Cohen said, “Given their strong pre-existing brand equity, it will be interesting to see if advertising in the Super Bowl does any good for first time advertisers Febreze and Mr. Clean.”

Last year, Fluent found that advertising on game day helped lesser-known brands, like Marmot, Bai, SoFi and Sun Trust Banks. It did not, however, strongly affect brands like Colgate, and Quicken Loans.

Overall, Cohen says that consumers statistically favor “funny” commercials, so viewers can count on brands to bring humor to the screen. Animals are also a crowd favorite, with celebrities following.

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