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OnMedia Top 100 Private Companies

This year’s eighth annual AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 is bursting at the seams with a new breed of digital media company. As the traditional advertising, marketing, and commerce worlds merge with the online and mobile, new business opportunities are springing up in every global market.

The AlwaysOn editorial team, along with partners at Time Warner, First Round Capital, Madison Alley Ventures, Flybridge Venture Capital, Venrock, Trident Capital, VantagePoint Capital Partners, MTV, KPMG, Petsky Prunier, Greylock Partners, GSV Capital, and industry experts across the globe, dug deeply into the entrepreneurial community to find the top 100 private companies that are creating a new digital media, commerce, and advertising ecosystem that combines traditional brick-and-mortar services with online and mobile technology, while at the same time creating high-growth businesses that offer huge upside potential for investors.

Worlds Collide

The companies on this year’s OnMedia 100 are seeing the emergence of an exciting new breed of digital media company—one that combines the best of the traditional with radical new concepts from the online and mobile paradigm. Nowhere is it more present than in the world of retail.

Ongoing pressure from online commerce solutions has pushed brick-and-mortar establishments to find new ways to engage customers and make sales. Revolutionary new multi-channel solutions are being created in the technology communities of the Global silicon Valley, resulting in more seamless online and mobile experiences in-store, while simultaneously bringing the in-store experience online.

Digital marketing has continued to mature, helped along by the now-universal acceptance of social media. Here, the line between traditional and digital has blurred and expanded, pushing marketing efforts away from narrowly focused channels into broad, all-encompassing solutions. Social commerce and discovery continue to match consumers with products in new ways, opening up even more retail channels and greater revenue potential.

Content producers are experiencing their own regeneration, as the value of premium content increases, savvy advertising, marketing, and social media pushes increase viewer communities. High-quality original content is building high-value audience pools, providing producers with extremely valuable first-party data.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in online video. Original scripted video content producers are smashing through the barriers into traditional TV and film. They’ve already proven their worth by engaging new customers and scooping up traditional awards like Emmys and Golden Globes. Coupled with the current Golden Age of television, online and mobile video producers stand to be huge winners in the digital media revolution.

Ready to Engage

This year’s OnMedia 100 companies, like their predecessors, were selected based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz. As the digital media startup community continues to evolve and merge with traditional establishments, it is likely to push outside the bounds of existing markets, creating new ideas and new companies with outstanding growth potential.

Congratulations to all the 2014 OnMedia 100 winners. These top venture capital-backed companies are the future of retail, commerce, and content, bringing people together with the products and services they want. The OnMedia 100 companies are pushing forward with new developments, opening up new markets, and transforming old industries into a vibrant new ecosystem that embraces forward-thinking, technology-minded product developers and their customers.

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