Performance Solutions

Drive business growth with the power of performance marketing.

Reach consumers who are ready to engage.

With 76% of consumers expecting brands to understand their needs and expectations1, marketers need reliable, accountable solutions that perform. Fluent helps brands diversify their digital strategy to reach incremental, untapped audiences – all on a pay-for-performance basis.

Cost-Per-Action Pricing
Optimize campaign accountability and ROI by paying for actions, not impressions or clicks.

Incremental Reach
Access Fluent’s proprietary inventory to extend reach and connect with new audiences.

Strategic Partnership
Leverage Fluent’s experienced account team to ensure campaign alignment from start to finish.

Find your best customers and keep
them for the long haul.

Whether it’s driving brand awareness or lower funnel transactions, Fluent helps marketers attract, engage, and convert opted-in consumers into the best customers for their business.

Mobile User Acquisition

Leveraging proprietary mobile web inventory, Fluent provides targeted campaign opportunities powered by first-party consumer insights.

  • Ensure seamless tracking and attribution with Fluent’s MMP integrations.
  • Monitor audience events and optimize based on high-performing segments.
  • Prevent ad fraud with Fluent’s proprietary technology and third-party tools.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

App installs


User engagment

Repeat transactions


Ranked as the #1 fastest-growing mobile media source in North America in AppsFlyer's Performance Index 14

Ranked #14 for iOS gaming advertisers in North America in Adjust's 2021 Partner Benchmarks report


CPA reduction

“Since launch, Fluent has truly been an extension of our team. We value Fluent’s proactive approach to sharing learnings and trust in their ability to drive consistent results.”

Matt Rome, Senior Marketing Associate,
Customer Acquisition, Ibotta

Subscription Marketing

By leveraging Fluent's proprietary inventory, brands identify, acquire, and retain loyal subscribers – ensuring high-value, lifetime customers.

  • Reach new, engaged audiences - and drive incremental lift.
  • Engage high-value subscribers with special offers based on their self-declared interests.
  • Drive long-term loyalty with campaigns focused on trial-to-subscriber conversion rates and retention milestones.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

New subscribers

Trial sign-ups


Subscription Boxes

From meal kits to book clubs, Fluent enables subscription brands to reach the right consumers for their unique offering - again and again.

Streaming Services

Fluent helps content service providers find and retain loyal streaming subscribers with high lifetime value.

Educational Content

Fluent leverages rich, first-party insights to find niche audiences and drive growth for online education services.

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Case in Point

CPA reduction


of all subscription sales

“Fluent has become our largest acquisition partner to date, helping us to generate 25% of all sales in 2019. Fluent provides full visibility into campaign performance, enabling us to optimize our offers and acquire new customers with a self-declared interest in the Scentbird service.”

Oleg Popov, Head of User Acquisition, Scentbird

Global Streaming Company
Scentbird Logo
Case in Point

in trial-to-membership conversion rates


in user acquisition

A leading music streaming company worked with Fluent to drive new memberships. By creating and targeting audience segments with a confirmed interest in music streaming services, Fluent increased user acquisition in three key states by 55%. In addition, the company was able to reach 10% more females than by brand marketing alone.

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Case in Point

growth for online services

“Sandvik puts particular emphasis on lifetime value, a metric that we track with a proprietary system, and Fluent consistently drives quality subscriptions that meet this internal KPI.”

Lauren Ball, Director, Acquisition Marketing,
Sandvik Publishing

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Call Marketing

Fluent’s call center solution provides brands peace of mind, offering end-to-end support at different stages in the consumer decision journey.

  • Validate a consumer’s interest and intent in your products or services
  • Connect with engaged consumers at additional touchpoints and move them further down the marketing funnel
  • Nurture prospects at different stages of the consumer journey and present relevant offers based on their self-declared interests

Ideal for marketers interested in:

New customers

Trial or free offers

Down Funnel Activity


  • 1. State of the Connected Customer, 2nd Edition, Salesforce, 2019

Simplify the way you find customers.