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Poll gives Clinton, Trump top marks on national security

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Publication date 4/21/16

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not only front-runners of their own respective parties, but they are also considered the best candidates to handle national security issues, according to a set of polls conducted by Fluent, an advertising technology company.

Clinton and Trump have consistently led in the company’s “Political Pulse” polls, which asked participants which candidate is best suited to handle national security issues. Clinton has led with an average of 31 percent and Trump with 28 percent in the past five polls conducted weekly between March 22 and April 16.

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich lagged behind, and respondents who supported these candidates were more likely to say Clinton or Trump would be stronger on national security. “This suggests national security is not as salient an issue for these voters,” said Andrew Ribner, research director at Fluent.

Sanders trails the front-runners averaging 18 percent support on national security, Cruz averages 14 percent and John Kasich sits last at about 10 percent.

The “Political Pulse” polls have been conducted since the Brussels terror attack. The majority of poll respondents said they do not support a U.S. invasion of Syria and Iraq in retaliation of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

“Despite a sizable minority supporting an invasion of ISIS-controlled areas, majorities clearly do not support an invasion of ISIS-controlled territory at this time,” Ribner said. The number of respondents supporting an invasion dropped from 43 percent March 22 to 38 percent April 16.

“The shift against invasion in the most recent wave likely reflects news about the Paris and Brussels attacks fading from the front pages,” Ribner said.

The polls are conducted weekly ranging from 925 to 2,827 registered voters, ages 18 and up between March 22 and April 16. Using Fluent’s proprietary ad serving technology, registered users take online real-time surveys and are then targeted with advertisements based on survey responses.

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