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Poll Results: Ted Cruz is Trump Supporters’ Fallback Option

Fluent Political Pulse study breaks down who Trump voters would support of Trump were to exit the Republican Primary race

NEW YORK- January 15, 2016—Despite frequent clashes between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in last night’s GOP debate, a new survey from Fluent, LLC, an IDI company (NYSE MKT: IDI), an industry leader in people-based digital marketing and customer acquisition, has found that Cruz is the clear second choice for Trump supporters in the event that Trump doesn’t become the Republican party’s presidential nominee.

In the survey, which was conducted just hours prior to last night’s debate, Fluent posed the question, “If Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee for President, which Republican candidate would you support instead in the 2016 General Election?” Ted Cruz was the clear choice, with 25.1% of respondents indicating that they would then support the Senator from Texas in this scenario. Among other current GOP candidates, Ben Carson was the second biggest beneficiary, receiving support from 17.3% of respondents. Jeb Bush rounded out the Top 3, taking 12.3% of the votes.

The results also indicated that a Trump loss or departure from the race would have a significant impact on voter turnout for the Republican Party, as 23.4% of respondents answered that they would not vote in the General Election if Donald Trump was not the Republican nominee. If Donald Trump falters in the GOP primaries, the Republican Party could have a tough time bringing these potential voters back into the fold.

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