, Millennials and Politics: How to Boost Engagement and Mobilize Support

Millennials do not always view politics as black and white, red and blue. Rather, they adopt a more nuanced approach to social issues and policy change. Give this tech-savvy generation the resources they need to become change-makers and advocates.

Text Message and SMS Marketing: How It Works, Best Practices, and How to Use It

Mobile shopping continues to grow, mobile search has officially overtaken search on desktop, If you want to reach your consumers where they are, you should be leveraging SMS marketing.

Moms’ Shopping Habits and Their Path to Purchase [Infographic]

In our latest survey of mothers with children under twelve, we examined moms’s shopping habits and the forms of advertising messages that resonate best with this group.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: What Americans Think

There is a need for marketers to educate American consumers on the benefits of their AI innovations, as they gradually replace human workers in certain sectors.

61 of Our Best (and Most Shocking) Facts and Stats

How does a data-driven marketing company take stock of the events of the past year? With stats, facts, and numbers, of course! Check out all the 2017 facts that made our year-by-the-numbers list.

3 Best Tips and Tricks on Marketing to Men [DATA]

While we have investigated marketing to millennials, marketing to Gen Z, the heartland, and even women, it’s time to turn our attention to the beard-growing, not-as-fair sex: how to market to men.

Top Tech Companies and Why They Are Here to Stay

In this new era of technological revolution, a few top tech companies stand above the crowd. In fact, these four were ranked by Americans as the most likely to be around in 50 years

NFL Protests: Football Fans Protect Their Own [DATA]

We ran a nationwide survey to investigate how Americans really feel about the controversy; the answers may surprise you.

Who will buy the Apple Watch Series 3? [DATA]

All eyes are on Apple as it plans to raise prices on its upcoming suite of new products, including the new iPhone and the Apple Watch.