Thought Leadership

, How Convenience Stores Can Maintain Steady Growth

How do longstanding quick-stop retail brands reverse declining growth and prepare to compete with forces such as Amazon? Research from Fluent reveals the best place to start: their customers.

, Behind the Rise of Data Transparency

With regulations like GDPR clamping down on third-party data providers, second-party partnerships are becoming even more crucial for brands looking to drive measurable results.

, Three Reasons Why Legacy CPG Brands Should Go D2C

For incumbent CPG brands, the D2C model presents an opportunity to connect with online shoppers and drive sales and engagement via digital channels.

, Roku looks to alleviate advertisers’ OTT pain points via Adobe partnership

Marketers will be able to manage the frequency at which their ads are displayed, while better targeting should also – in theory – solve the problem of an ad repeating over and over to the same consumer.

, Better Advertising Experiences Start with Data Transparency

To provide consumers with more relevant messaging and better advertising experiences, brands and agencies need to start at the source: the data.

, How to acquire and engage mobile app users through feedback

A holistic view of UX is forcing its way to the forefront of acquisition and app engagement, which begins with understanding what users want.

, Politics With Purpose: Mobilizing Millennials Beyond Likes And Shares

Faced with cluttered email inboxes and a shrinking cable audience, candidates and organizations are shifting their ad dollars to a more engaging channel: SMS.

, How Marketers Can Drive Mobile User Acquisition Through Diversification

While Facebook and Google should be part of your marketing strategy, looking to other channels to bolster scale and deepen insights is a strategic and necessary move.

, Snapchat Story Ads Work: Here’s How to See Success in Seconds

Snapchat is taking in-app advertising to the next level, producing unprecedented conversion rates and ROI, specifically when it comes to app installs and engagement.

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