Thought Leadership

, Promotional emails impact millennials’ purchase decisions

Counteracting the notion that millennials don’t respond to email marketing, 68% of millennials said their purchase decisions were impacted by promotional emails.

, A Deep Dive Into Clinton’s And Trump’s Email Marketing Strategies

With just two months left before Election Day, the email marketing strategies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump couldn’t be more different – reflecting their general approaches to the campaign.

, Mobile Marketer: Google’s CPCs fall by 1 pc, despite skyrocketing ad revenue

Reposted from  Publication date 7/29/2016 Google’s aggregate cost-per-click numbers declined by one percent again from a disappointing first quarter, suggesting that other mobile components deserve credit for the 19 percent year-over-year increase in advertising revenue […]

, Mobile Marketer: Twitter’s mobile ads grab 89pc of total advertising revenue

Reposted from  Publication date 7/27/2016 During its second-quarter earnings call, Twitter revealed that its mobile advertising comprised 89 percent of total advertising revenue, up 18 percent year-over-year and signaling the potency of targeting on-the-go users […]

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