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, 3 Reasons Why Legacy CPG Brands Should Go D2C

Digitally native brands have led the D2C revolution, leveraging data to meet consumers’ demands for highly personalized shopping experiences.  As challenger brands like Harry’s and NatureBox make strides in the CPG space, legacy packaged good […]

, Politics With Purpose: Mobilizing Millennials Beyond Likes And Shares

While young people have been involved in movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter over the past decade, the recent March for Our Lives protest signaled a major shift. As advocates of gun policy […]

, How Marketers Can Drive Mobile User Acquisition Through Diversification

As discomfort over Facebook data privacy and accuracy continue to plague the mobile acquisition space, user acquisition managers should be looking to diversify their marketing strategies. Facebook has long been the god of driving high […]

, Snapchat Story Ads Work: Here’s How to See Success in Seconds

A little over one year ago, small and midsized businesses won a battle against the duopoly of Google and Facebook when Snapchat introduced its self-service, programmatic ad platform. The offering has quietly evolved, challenging acquisition specialists […]

, How to Hire: The Marketing CEO

A startup is a rapidly evolving organism. Things change, and, if everything is going well, grow so quickly a year feels like a decade. For many entrepreneurs, these early adrenaline-fueled days can be a messy […]

, Why App Installs Have Become Meaningless – Driving Post-Install Engagement

Reposted from   Publication Date 5/23/2018 Since 2008, Apple’s App Store has seen over 180 billion installs from users worldwide. We are inundated with options: over 1,300 new apps are introduced to the app store daily […]

, Fluent CEO Ryan Schulke on using digital technology to connect brands with audiences

Reposted from   Publication Date 4/19/2018 Fluent CEO Ryan Schulke is riding the digital technology boom, using a people-based marketing platform to create custom audiences for clients. Fluent “is a place that connects brands with audiences,” […]

, Former Epsilon chief Andy Frawley picked to advise NYC-based Fluent

Reposted from   Publication date 4/4/2018 Digital marketing service Cogint Inc. has tapped Andy Frawley to advise its Fluent segment. New York-based Fluent is the company’s only operating subsidiary now that Cogint (NASDAQ: COGT) completed the spinoff of […]

, Real-time data insights have become a powerful political tool

Reposted from    Publication date 2/12/2018 The 2016 U.S. presidential election changed the game for marketers and political parties alike, heightening the need for real-time information on voters and the thoughts, feelings and opinions of consumers. […]

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