Research Report

Marketing to Millennials

When marketing to Millennials, targeted campaigns based on core values and behavioral data will boost brand love and increase your marketing ROI. Drawing from a national survey of 2,773 U.S. adults, Fluent’s “Marketing to Millennials” report examines […]

Devices & Demographics

Fluent’s 5th annual Devices & Demographics report examines the current trends in consumer device usage and the impact of demographics on their behavior. Based on a national survey of nearly 3,000 American consumers, the report uncovers the latest behaviors […]

The Inbox Report: Consumer Perceptions of Email

To help marketers better understand how consumers view and interact with their emails, we explored Americans’ perceptions of email marketing and their latest behaviors with email in our annual Inbox Report. Based on a survey of […]

Consumer Outlook 2018

As another eventful year winds down, it’s time to take stock of our affairs and look to the future. A presidential inauguration, tensions abroad, natural disasters, harassment scandals, and a high-flying stock market have Americans […]

Marketing to Gen Z

Watch out, marketers. Though talk of Millennials has dominated the conversation for years, Generation Z is right behind them. The truest digital natives with a fluency for any device, this cohort absorbs information at a […]

Facing the Music: The Takeover of Streaming Services

As music fans tune in to hear their favorite artist’s new album or search for nostalgia-inducing oldies, music pervades American culture. It is difficult to go to a bar, the gym, a fast food restaurant, […]

There’s a Box for That: From Meal Kits to Makeup, Subscription Services Face High Hurdles

Are subscriptions the future of business? You can have almost anything delivered right to your doorstep in a recurring, familiar box. With Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and interest in meal-kit subscriptions, we wondered: […]

Can cable survive the threat of streaming services?

Based on a national survey of over 2,000 American consumers, Fluent’s Streaming Services report analyzes current media consumption behaviors and the adoption of popular video streaming services, and provides a look into the future of […]

Telecom Report 2017

Fluent’s Telecom Report 2017 analyzes the current state of the US telecom market and unearths critical insights for marketers such as consumer attitudes towards the leading wireless carriers, the top considerations for Americans when choosing a wireless […]

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