My name is Devon Geelan and I am a rising senior at Siena College. As a digital marketing and media major, my studies are interdisciplinary combining marketing, computer science and creative arts. During the spring of my junior year I was lucky enough to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and focus my studies on graphic design. This gave me the opportunity to visit design studios, museums and agencies. It was during this semester that I realized the creative side of marketing was a perfect way to utilize my passions in the working world.


2017 Marketing Design Intern

At Fluent I serve as the 2017 Marketing Design Intern, the 10-week program lasts from June to August. In my role, I work closely with each member of Fluent’s marketing team. Specifically, I took the lead on social media, branding our upcoming charity golf event and aiding in our event planning. I love the close-knit team and the transparency amongst job titles. We all sit together in an open floor ­­plan which allows for open communication throughout projects.


Marketing Internships

To be honest, planning a summer internship while studying abroad was daunting. The fall semester before I left, I was unsure what I would be doing the summer I returned. While away, I was busy traveling, studying and tasting every European delicacy I could get my hands on.

Once I committed to updating my resume, portfolio and website, I stayed up all night researching marketing companies in NYC. I sent some cold emails, found some LinkedIn opportunities and then I recalled Fluent from a friend who had interned the previous summer. Upon further research, I found Fluent’s site which listed open intern positions, including a marketing design role.


Short and sweet intern interview

While I wasn’t completely sure what Fluent actually did, their website and social pages ­­made it seem like a great place to be. I submitted my resume/portfolio on the site and had 3 phone interviews (constantly converting Central European Time to Eastern). The interviews were engaging, the team members were passionate and it was easy to connect my previous experiences with this new opportunity. I was shocked how fast Fluent interviewed. I often received a response before I had a chance to thank the interviewers for speaking with me. This along with the great conversations I had with the team made me hopeful for an offer. I received the offer before I had heard from some other options, but looking back accepting the role was the best move for me.


Intern inclusion 

I distinctly remember being confused when I walked into Fluent’s office to see a weight rack, yoga balls and a basketball hoop. In addition to the sports equipment, the most noticeable thing about Fluent’s office is the open seating plan. The lack of a single cubicle allows for open conversation, and consistent collaboration between departments.

I was excited to hear we would be served breakfast and lunch our first day, then I was even more excited to hear this is a weekly occurrence. What I didn’t realize was the catered lunches would be more than a free meal, but the opportunity to eat lunch beside any and every member of the Fluent team. As Fluent has grown it has managed to hold on to its startup mentality. In just a few weeks I’ve gotten to know more contacts than over months in my previous experience.


As a Long Islander, my commute includes a 7:11 AM train followed by a 30-minute subway ride. My first order of business is to read the trades to stay up-to-date with the marketing industry and share relevant news to our social followers. Once our social stream starts flowing for the day I can dive into projects like designing banners, emails and photos. With my colleagues just a desk away, I am encouraged to reach out with questions and any learning goals I have. Every day I am able to practice Adobe tools and improve my abilities with the software. Plus, by combining marketing and design, I am able to see the back end with analytics after my designs are shared.


Fluent is full of friendly, passionate and hardworking people. I think it is a good sign if you find yourself highlighting your passions while answering interview questions. In this way, you set yourself apart from just another student. Be honest with yourself and your interviewer about what you’re hoping to gain through your internship. As a young company in a largely growing field, Fluent often tells us to always be open to change, ready to pivot and thinking ahead. It’s best to find an internship that suits your aspirations and is a good culture fit for your personality. Also, I first heard of Fluent through a friend, so keep strong connections with those in your field!

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