How brands can leverage the discount shopper mentality to deliver cross-category results.

What is it about discount retail shoppers that creates “frenzy”?  Why do they shop, on average, 2x-3x more frequently than other shoppers?  Why does the same shopper who buys kitchenware also frequently cross the aisle and purchase menswear in the same trip?  Discount retail shoppers are a unique breed and are the driving force behind some of the most successful retail efforts in the country right now.

Using Fluent’s proprietary database of US consumers, the research polled shoppers to attempt to uncover what makes them tick, or more importantly, what motivates their purchase behavior.  What the data revealed was at once eye-opening and, as it turns out, very useful in engaging them.

This whitepaper provides insight into the following:

  • Shopping habits and cross-channel behaviors
  • Specific strategies for accessing and engaging discount shoppers

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