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Publication date 5/10/16

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the heels of Donald Trump’s presumptive clinching of the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Fluent, LLC, an IDI company (NYSE MKT:IDI) and an industry leader in people-based digital marketing and customer acquisition, today released new research examining Trump’s strength against the leading Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Fluent’s “Political Pulse” survey of 1,313 registered voters conducted on May 8, 2016 found that Clinton enjoys stronger support within the Democratic Party than Trump does within the Republican Party, and also leads with Independent voters.

Key findings include:

  • Clinton leads Trump nationally by 9 percentage points (41% to 32%). Clinton also enjoys stronger support within the Democratic Party (76% of Democrats say they plan to vote for her) than Trump has within the Republican Party (66%). Clinton also has a 6% lead amongst Independents (30% to 24%).
  • Jobs and the economy top the list of most important policy issues by a wide margin. Nearly half of likely voters (43%) cite jobs and the economy as the most important issue, and it is the top issue by at least a 24-percentage point margin with Democrats, Republicans and Independents.
  • Guns (28%) and income inequality (20%) are the most important social issues to voters. More than 1 in 3 Republicans (34%) say guns are the most important issue, followed by family values (22%). In contrast, over 1 in 4 (29%) Democrats say income inequality is the most important social issue, just ahead of guns (26%).
  • Hillary Clinton’s untrustworthiness is seen as the most effective attack Trump could use against her across partisan affiliations (33%). Even 3 in 10 Democrats (29%) think this is the most effective attack against her. The next most effective attacks are claims that Clinton will say or do anything (22%) and that she got Americans killed in Benghazi (14%).
  • In contrast, voters are fragmented on what they consider to be the most effective attack against Trump. Five different attacks against Donald Trump are considered most effective by at least 14% of voters, including claims that he is a racist (21%), that he is hostile to women (19%) and that he doesn’t understand how government works (18%).
  • More than 3 in 5 voters do not think Donald Trump is qualified to be president. 62% of Independents and even 40% of Republicans do not think he is qualified.
  • Nearly 2 in 3 voters (63%) say Hillary Clinton will win the election and over 2 in 5 (43%) say she will win either comfortably or by a landslide. Democrats are particularly bullish on their candidate’s chances as 7 in 10 think she will win at least comfortably. Over 1 in 3 Republicans (35%) think their candidate Trump will lose.

Fluent’s complete survey findings are available at:

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