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Music Consumption: Millennials and Gen Z Disrupt the Industry

Music pervades American culture. It is difficult to go to a bar, the gym, a restaurant, a clothing store, or a party without hearing background instrumentals and a baseline rhythm reverberate. Coloring events—weddings, funerals, reunions, […]

, Can Apple Justify Hiking up the iPhone 8 Price?

With the new iPhone 8 coming out this fall rumored to cost upwards of $1000, a question arises: “What does the smartphone industry look like right now and what chance do other smartphone brands have […]

Sharpen Your Pencils! 37 Statistics for Back-to-School Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when pencil shavings are fresh, new clothes are carefully chosen, backpacks are refreshed, and thousands of paper clips have yet to be lost. Back-to-school! Parents everywhere are […]

3 Steps to Effectively Execute Recruitment Advertising for Any Industry

As we watch the stock market reach unheard-of highs and hear the drums of job-growth beating, it’s easy to forget that filling open positions isn’t that easy. It can be difficult to reach the right […]

There’s a Box for That: From Meal Kits to Makeup, Subscription Services Face High Hurdles

Are subscriptions the future of business? You can have almost anything delivered right to your doorstep in a recurring, familiar box. With Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and interest in meal-kit subscriptions, we wondered: […]

20 Important Facts about the American Workforce [Infographic]

As we continue to read good news about the job market and low unemployment rates, it’s easy to forget about the nitty-gritty details of who is in the American workforce and what they are looking […]

Hustle Hard: Women Workers Combat Underemployment

Although the national unemployment rate has stayed low, currently at 4.3%, US consumers self-report a much higher rate of job-seeking. Almost a quarter of US consumers (24%) say they are either actively or passively looking for work. […]

Diary of a Fluent Marketing Design Intern

ABOUT ME My name is Devon Geelan and I am a rising senior at Siena College. As a digital marketing and media major, my studies are interdisciplinary combining marketing, computer science and creative arts. During the […]

Millennials Will Drive the Demise of Cable Companies

The video consumption landscape is changing fast, with cable companies losing consumers and streaming services such as Netflix commanding an ever-growing share of the market. To better understand streaming video adoption trends, we interviewed 2,267 […]