In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting women in leadership at Fluent who inspire us to learn, innovate, and connect every day.

Meet Kelly Patterson, VP of Corporate Marketing at Fluent

Kelly is the proud mom of two boys, Conor (2) and Declan (7 months). She set out to be a journalist (dream was to write for The New Yorker) but found her way into Marketing and hasn’t looked back! She has worked in Marketing and Client Services over the last 15 years and spent the majority of her career at Nielsen.

We sat down with Kelly to learn more about her work experience and tips for becoming a successful leader.

1. What are the key attributes that make a successful leader?

I find good communication and listening skills to be the key attributes of a successful leader. In my experience, the best leaders are those that inspire others and the ability to communicate a vision and rally people behind it is instrumental in doing so.

2. What has been the biggest influence in your career and why? 

My first job out of college had an enormous impact on my career (shout-out to all my IAG-ers!). Not only did this experience shape me professionally, but I also made incredible friends and found mentors that I am still in touch with today. I learned a lot about myself, what I wanted from my career, and how to go about achieving it. It was a very special place to work and I am grateful that I had the opportunity at such a pivotal point in my life.

4. Is there any advice you would give to your younger self, knowing what you know now? 

Trust your instincts! There were a number of times where I took on new roles or positions that forced me outside of my comfort zone. Although it was terrifying at times, I leaned in, put in the effort and found my way to success and the next opportunity. Nothing is handed to you, you have to do the work.

5. What has been one of your biggest challenges in your career and how did you overcome it?

Figuring out how to be a working mother has been a challenge…I want to be in two places at once! I have had to learn (and keep learning) a new sense of balance and how to prioritize what matters most.

6. What excites you most about the future of Marketing?

I am super passionate about purpose-driven marketing and creating connections with consumers beyond selling a product or service. I like the trend I am seeing where brands strive to relate to their audience by speaking to them about the issues they are facing and taking a more active role in creating a solution.