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Devices & Demographics

Fluent’s 5th annual Devices & Demographics report examines the current trends in consumer device usage and the impact of demographics on their behavior. Based on a national survey of nearly 3,000 American consumers, the report uncovers the latest behaviors […]

3 Best Tips and Tricks on Marketing to Men [DATA]

While we have investigated marketing to millennials, marketing to Gen Z, the heartland, and even women, it’s time to turn our attention to the beard-growing, not-as-fair sex: how to market to men. Though this means […]

Marketing to Gen Z

Watch out, marketers. Though talk of Millennials has dominated the conversation for years, Generation Z is right behind them. The truest digital natives with a fluency for any device, this cohort absorbs information at a […]

Food for Thought: Catering to Millennial Food Habits

With foodie culture on the rise among millennial consumers, it’s important for marketers to understand the dining habits and preferences of this lucrative age group. The Halo Group recently found that 75% of millennials see food as much more […]

5 Data-Backed Strategies for Marketing to Generation Z

As millennial-buzz swirls around businesses and marketing departments, smart advertisers are already shifting gears to prepare their programs for the next big thing: Generation Z. Just as millennials lurched away from the accepted norms, “killing” […]

Music Consumption: Millennials and Gen Z Disrupt the Industry

Music pervades American culture. It is difficult to go to a bar, the gym, a restaurant, a clothing store, or a party without hearing background instrumentals and a baseline rhythm reverberate. Coloring events—weddings, funerals, reunions, […]

Snapchat is Edging out Facebook Among Young Millennials

As Snapchat is poised to release its quarterly earnings today, for the first time, the financial community is holding its breath. We surveyed 1,885 US consumers to better understand Americans’ usage of different social networks […]

, Is Snapchat a Snapfad?

With the industry and press all abuzz about Snap Inc’s IPO filing last week, the team here at Fluent wanted to take a closer look at how people actually feel about its popular Snapchat social media/messaging app […]

, MediaPost: Promotional emails impact millennials’ purchase decisions

Reposted from  Publication date 10/3/2016 Several recent studies have shown that millennials are less brand loyal than preceding generations. A recent Daymon Worldwide global study showed that only 29% of millennials usually buy the same […]

, Mobile Marketer: Twitter’s mobile ads grab 89pc of total advertising revenue

Reposted from  Publication date 7/27/2016 During its second-quarter earnings call, Twitter revealed that its mobile advertising comprised 89 percent of total advertising revenue, up 18 percent year-over-year and signaling the potency of targeting on-the-go users […]

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