Top ten e-commerce site drives over 2.8 million new email subscribers using the Fluent customer acquisition platform.


The client had aggressive top-line growth goals and wanted to drastically increase the size of its email database–and to do so fast.  At the same time, they wanted to improve the efficiency of their digital advertising campaigns and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Lastly, the company aimed to focus its acquisition efforts on users who had a high propensity for purchasing a wide range of products online.

“Fluent’s advanced targeting technology and ability to drive a massive amount of quality sign ups in a short amount of time have made the company one of our most important strategic top of the funnel marketing partners.”

– Director of Customer Acquisition


The client partnered with Fluent to meet and exceed its customer acquisition objectives. Fluent targeted opt-in ads to pre-qualified consumers who fit their economic profile and who identified themselves as frequent online shoppers. The Fluent platform’s built-in lookalike modeling leveraged transaction data from the client to further hone in on which consumers were most likely to make purchases within 90 says of signing up for its email list.


The client generated more than 2.8 million new email newsletter signups within the first 6 months of working with Fluent. In addition, its ROAS occurred within 3 months, down from the 7 months it took for its previous best performing acquisition partner—a 57% improvement.