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Reach the best customers for your business.

How it works: Multi-channel engagement and activation

Powered by the Fluent Platform, we help advertisers connect with consumers at multiple touchpoints across the buyer journey, making it easier for them to find the products and services that fit their needs.


Leverage Fluent’s proprietary media network to find and engage your target customers


Lead high-intent consumers down the purchase funnel by connecting via their preferred channels


Grow your business with qualified leads, delivered directly to your brand via warm or cold transfers

When it comes to making key purchase decisions, consumers want to feel informed and confident in their investment. Offering best-in-class digital and call solutions, Fluent helps advertisers connect with consumers at the moments that matter most. With over 25 years of experience in outcome-based digital marketing solutions and call center management, we verify intent and match consumers with the products and services they’re in the market for today.

Areas of Expertise

Fluent provides end-to-end customer acquisition solutions designed to reach consumers across the following high-consideration categories:

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Auto Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Life Insurance

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Home Insurance

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Financial Services

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Legal Services

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Fluent Advantage

  • First-Party Consumer Insights
    Expansive data platform comprised of first-party, self-declared consumer insights and preferences.
  • Proprietary Digital Media Portfolio
    Robust media network with over 30M unique consumers at various stages in the purchase consideration funnel.
  • Industry-Leading Compliance Protocols
    Best-in-class tools and deep technology integrations with the top compliance software.

Connect with consumers on their terms

Helping consumers navigate complex and important life decisions through the channels that are right for them.

Thriving With First-Party Data

What we deliver

We work with the world’s leading brands to engage their target customers, verify interest, and drive conversions.

  • High-Intent Leads and Calls
  • Full-Funnel Control
  • Outcome-Based Pricing
  • Superior Performance

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