Our suite of performance marketing solutions is engineered to deliver new customer acquisition at scale. We focus on delivering real results, not vanity metrics, for over 500 leading brands.


Data Acquisition Solutions

Own the Relationship

When you own the data, you own the relationship. Fluent works with you to build highly qualified databases that enable you to grow your business and maintain valuable, long-term relationships with your customers.


Connect enables marketers to cost-effectively acquire consumer data and marketing consent at scale across Fluent’s vast network of proprietary websites. Serve highly targeted ads designed to acquire opt-in email addresses, postal addresses, TCPA compliant phone numbers, SMS permission, and custom data fields. Whatever data you need, Connect can deliver.

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  • Fluent targets the right people at the right time
  • Full page ads prompt them to opt in to your marketing
  • Your welcome message is triggered in real time
  • Lookalike modeling continually improves campaign performance

ReConnect brings the power of performance and acquisition marketing to retargeting. With ReConnect, for the first time ever, marketers can offer consumers the ability to opt in to their marketing programs outside of the confines of their own websites. Simply place ultra-lightweight Fluent tags on your website, and we’ll serve opt-in focused ads to your site visitors whenever they visit one of the hundreds of websites in Fluent’s proprietary network.

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  • Place Fluent's retargeting code on your website
  • Fluent presents your offer when a user lands on our exclusive network
  • Fluent validates & transmits opt-in data in real time

Audience Solutions

Drive Performance

Fluent empowers you to target your ads with unprecedented precision and drive qualified prospects at scale. Engage with the consumers with a higher propensity to be interested in your offers and brand.


Tap into Fluent’s proprietary media network to run high-volume and high-value performance advertising campaigns. Drive traffic to your websites and offers and only pay when they take specific actions. We work with performance marketers across every consumer vertical and have a well-deserved reputation for having the industry’s best quality and scale.

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  • We use big data and real-time interaction with consumers to ensure ads are targeted to the right consumers
  • Consumers click through to your offers or sites
  • Fluent pixel notifies us when the consumer has completed your desired action
  • Performance data fuels lookalike modeling for ongoing campaign optimization
Audience Now

Audience Now is a first-party, data-driven targeting solution created to meet the needs of today's DTC marketer. You can access audience segments interested in specific conditions and symptoms using self-declared data to target with greater accuracy than using modeled out or inferred segments. 

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  • User registers, opts-in, and completes a survey on one of our owned and operated sites, providing self-declared health and wellness data
  • Data is aggregated into audiences and anonymized in a privacy-safe way
  • Pre-packaged segments are made available through the LiveRamp Data store
  • *Custom audiences are available upon request

Mobile User Acquisition Solutions

Quality at Scale

Match real people with mobile apps based on their self-declared interests. The result is higher engagement and increased install campaign ROI.


MobileNow, our mobile app install acquisition solution, offers marketers access to unique mobile web inventory coupled with the precision targeting capabilities of Fluent’s platform. The solution enables marketers to reach qualified audiences of consumers who have the highest propensity to download their apps and become highly engaged and high lifetime value users.

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  • User visits a Fluent mobile web property using mobile device
  • Survey pre-qualifies consumer preferences and interests
  • Fluent serves targeted app install ad