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The Street: Why the Apple Watch 3 isn’t likely to wind up on many people’s wrists

Reposted from TheStreet

Publication date 4/9/2017

The expected launch of the Apple (AAPL) Watch 3 later this year has already captured media attention, with reports suggesting that the latest iteration of the device could have a better display, longer battery life and a cellular connection that does not require an iPhone to get online.

Will the improved smart watch win over many new buyers?
Consumer interest in the Apple Watch suggests not, marketing firm Fluent found in a survey of nearly 1,350 Americans. Just 5% of respondents who do not own a smart watch said they plan to buy an Apple Watch.
The group most likely to pick up one of the new Apple smart watches are current owners, with 42% of those who own an Apple Watch saying they will “definitely” buy one of the devices. “Apple Watch owners aren’t a diminishing group, but they aren’t a growing group, either,” Fluent Chief Marketing Officer Jordan Cohen said in an email. Fluent has surveys consumers about the Apple Watch since its 2015 launch. Interest in the device has been flat during the period when Fluent has surveyed consumers.
Separately, the Apple Watch may soon be bounced from CB Insight’s March Madness bracket of the most innovative products since the iPhone. After dispensing with EXO Cricket Protein Bars (made with real cricket flour) in the first round, CB Insights reports that the DJ Phantom Drone is “crushing” the Apple Watch in round two of the bracket.
UBS has a more optimistic outlook for the Apple Watch, however. The bank forecasts a 19% increase in Apple Watch sales to 12.5 million units in fiscal year 2017 and a 20% increase to 15 million sales in fiscal year 2018.
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