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Terrorism and border security now the top election concerns

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Publication date 11/18/15

Members of French special police forces of the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) work at the scene of the raid in Saint-Denis, near Paris, France, November 18, 2015 to catch fugitives from Friday night’s deadly attacks in the French capital.

After Friday’s Paris attacks, the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign — for the moment, anyway — has seen an immediate shift, according to numbers from a digital marketing firm.

Terrorism is now tops among Democrats, while the top issues for Republican voters are now border security and immigration, followed by terrorist groups. In fact, terrorism more than tripled as the “most important issue facing the U.S. today” among voters from both parties.


Health care and taxes were the two issues that dropped the most from last week among Republicans. Other decliners included gun control, income equality, energy and climate change.

The data come from Fluent, a marketing and advertising technology firm.

Fluent’s data also show that Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP field, with Hillary Clinton in front of the Democrats. Both candidates saw an increase in their poll numbers compared with the week prior. The big loser from last week across both parties was Bernie Sanders, who dropped by more than 3 percent.

Among Democratic voters, terrorist groups jumped from nearly the bottom to the No. 1 issue facing the U.S. today. It almost quadrupled to 15 percent from 4 percent last week. It’s now ahead of the economy, health care and gun control, all of which saw drops from last week. But those issues are still in the top four overall.


The issue of border security and immigration has been less of a priority for Democratic voters, especially as differences have risen from state to state about which are not opposed to accepting refugees. That topic actually went down slightly from last week, though national defense went up.

The issue of climate change was cut by half among both Democrats and Republicans, though a larger percentage of Democrats than Republicans still express concern about it.

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