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The Advantages of Customer Acquisition Tools

Fluent’s Ryan Conlin and Adam Koncz explain the benefits of working with trusted third party digital customer acquisition platforms

Your customers live in their inboxes – no matter your industry, your brand, or your product. Because of this, B2C marketers are feeling the pressure to find consumers across every corner of the internet, engage them, and acquire their email addresses on an opt-in basis.

Advertisers use online and mobile customer acquisition focused advertising campaigns in order to:

  • Let their customers know they exist
  • Explain why they need your product
  • Get them opting-in to long term, one-to-one, lifecycle marketing programs
  • Accelerate sales funnels by converting opt-ins into revenue (instead of turning traffic into opt-ins, and then later, turning opt-ins into revenue)

To accomplish all of this, advertisers have to cultivate promotion plans, implement strategies, build relationships with multiple digital publishers, and aggregate data themselves. Or, they can avoid wasting time (and inevitable total mental breakdowns) and instead partner with a trusted, third-party platform like Fluent that takes care of all this for them.

“It’s our job to educate marketers that are more accustomed to traditional CPM-based advertising models about the benefits of the CPA (cost-per-action) model and how it can yield far greater efficiency and ROI for their brands,” said Fluent’s Senior Account Executive, Ryan Conlin.

Advantages of customer acquisition platforms include:

  • Campaigns fully managed by acquisition experts, with deep knowledge of best practices and complex strategies for SEO, native advertising, keyword search, PPC, CPM, and a host of other advertising tactics
  • Customizable and scalable solutions, allowing evaluation and adjustment as needed
  • Advertisers pay only for specific actions like sales, leads, or clicks, allowing them to see direct ROI
  • Rapid campaign set up and deployment, with an ability to get customer acquisition campaigns up and running within as little as 48 hours

Sales Manager Adam Koncz, explains how Fluent benefits marketers even further, by giving its clients access to fully owned and operated media properties, as well as exclusive relationships with high end publishers.

“Most companies in the acquisition space are, or look a lot like, affiliate networks, but Fluent’s inventory and technology is proprietary which allows us to be more transparent and assume total control of ad programs,” said Adam. “As product owners, we can show advertisers how their ads will be presented and where.”

Beyond digital advertising for email list growth, advertisers can also experiment with other acquisition methods such as coupon sites like Samples and Savings, premium display channels, and survey models, which all will be big trends for 2015.

“As our company grows, we’re constantly learning how to serve offers more intelligently,” said Ryan. “Companies that invest in a tool like Fluent are starting the acquisition process further along than their competition, giving them a definite lead in the retail race.”


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