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The Race for the White House is Underway! Here’s Our Latest “Political Pulse”

Fluent’s Political Pulse research series examines the issues at the forefront of the American public’s agenda, and which candidates are currently leading the pack in the campaign to win the White House. In this, our second edition, we asked over 2,000 American adults from across the country about their voting plans, which issues they deem most important, and which political candidates they are most likely to vote for in the upcoming primary and general presidential elections.

You’ll have to download the full report here for all of the findings, but here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton lead the long list of presidential hopefuls. While we’ve seen many candidates throw their hat into the race early on, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are best positioned to win their party’s nomination at this juncture. When asked which candidate they will support to win their party’s bid, 52.9% of Democratic voters selected Hillary Clinton, while 18.8% of Republican voters chose Jeb Bush. When comparing those two figures however, it is worth noting that the Republican field currently features nearly 3 times the number of candidates as the Democratic side, so the votes were more widely split in the Republican camp.
  • The Budget Deficit, Economy, and Healthcare are the top issues facing the nation. 14.4% of survey respondents said that the budget deficit and economy are the top issues facing the country, and healthcare was second at 10.1%. While both Republicans and Democrats agreed on the top issue, Republicans are slightly more concerned with 19.5% of them selecting the budget deficit and economy first, compared to 13.1% of Democrats. There is also some dissent between the two parties on several other issues. Republicans were more than twice as likely to select border security and immigration as a top concern (13.4% vs. 6.2% of Democrats), while Democrats were more concerned about gun control (11.5% vs. 7.3%).
  • The tides have turned and Democratic voters now appear more energized to vote than Republicans. 61.2% of Americans who identified as Democrats said that they plan to vote in the party’s primary election in 2016 vs. 55.1% of Republicans. In the 2016 general election, 60.9% of Democrats plan to vote vs. 56% of Republicans. This is substantially different from our March 2015 Political Pulse Report where just 49.8% of Democrats said that they planned to vote in the primary vs. 62.3% of Republicans, and only 51% of Democrats planned to vote in the general election compared to 60.2% of Republicans.

Download your free copy of Fluent’s Political Pulse – July 2015 report here for the complete findings of the study. For more consumer research and insights from Fluent, visit


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