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Welcome To The ‘Addressable Marketing Manager Across All Channels’ Summit 2020

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Publication date 6/11/15

That is pretty much what you might expect MediaPost to host five years from today, based on the expert panelists response to a “what will email marketing look like” five years from now wrap-up question from “career” panel moderator Katie Bisbee, CMO,

“There might not even be the title email marketer,” predicted Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen, adding, “It’s going to be the addressable marketing manager across all channels.”

“I think it’s going to evolve from an email marketer to a direct marketer” that is the “keystone in the archway” of the entire marketing mix, predicted Silver Legacy Resort Casino Interactive Marketing Manager Colleen Dalton. She added that the key challenge and opportunity five years from now will be figuring out what “the most powerful unique identifier of the customer is — that email now owns.”

That could well be something on your wrist, or another body part, predicted Concord Music Group Social Media & Email Marketing chief Yen Le, noting the big issue five years from now will be “email rendering for wearables.

“It’s a very complex subject matter. I think that will be next,” she explained.

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