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Why Email Marketers Are The ‘Renaissance’ People In The CMO’s Stack

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Publication date 6/11/15

Because they have to excel at almost everything in the tool chest: data, copy, tech, omnichannel, customer experience, you name it. That was the consensus on the “career paths” panel that opened Day Three of the Email Marketing Summit this morning.

“It’s definitely the renaissance position, the Jack of all trades,” asserted panelist Colleen Dalton, Interactive Marketing Director,Silver Legacy Resort Casino.

She ticked off the list of skills required of a good email marketers, listing “writing skills,” a feel for the “brand voice,” a “real eye for graphics,” a “passion for subject line testing,” an “understanding of lists and database management — truly having a data mindset,” and “push notification.”

Fellow panelist, Jordan Cohen, CMO, Fluent, added that email marketers more than any other exec in the marketing stack need to “become the Chief Marketing Technologist.”

“Email marketers have had to become very adept at studying the LUMAscapes out there… what should i be plugging into my email marketing program,” he noted.

On top of all that wonky stuff, a great email marketer must also be a great communicator and understand how consumers will experience what they communicate, Andy Devoto, Senior CRM Manager of VividSeats, said, noting that whereas nobody ever complains about a “bad search ad,” when a marketer sands a “bad email, you get a message back saying, ‘Hey, what’s this?’”

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