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With Apple Music set to launch as the latest entrant to the streaming music business on June 30th – and with Taylor Swift’s very public Apple break-up and then make-up now squared away – the team here at Fluent wanted to find out whether Apple’s latest major release is going to be a hit with consumers.

We used our real-time survey technology to field a nationwide poll of 3,446 American adults (aged 18 – 65+) on June 25, 2015. Survey takers were randomly selected across Fluent’s online and mobile advertising network. The findings below are at a 99% confidence interval, with a margin of error of +/- 3.5.

  • Apple Music is going to get a lot of traction. 8 percent of American adults plan on taking advantage of Apple’s 3-month free trial, and 6.2 percent believe they will become paid subscribers of the service. These percentages translate into roughly 20,000,000 Americans who will try the service and over 15,000,000 paid subscribers in the domestic market alone (worth $1.8 billion annually). 
  • iPhone users, predictably, are even more likely to get on board with Apple Music. 11.2% of iPhone users plan to take advantage of the free trial, and 8% say they’ll likely pay for a subscription to the service. 25% say that the service will “offer the most value for [their] money” relative to other streaming music services (vs. 8.2% of Android owners who said the same), 23% say it will “make the best song recommendations” (vs. 7.6% of Android owners), and 24.3% say it will “offer the best selection of artists and recordings” (vs. 7.8% of Android owners).
  • Men are twice as likely to sign up for Apple Music than women. 10.9% of men say they plan to sign up for the free trial of Apple Music, and 8.4% believe they will become paid subscribers. On the other hand, 5.7% of women say they’ll go for the free trial and 4.5% says they’ll end up becoming paid subscribers.
  • Apple Music subscribers prioritize higher quality streaming and larger music selections. When asked “what is most important to you when choosing your streaming music service?” – those who told us that they do plan to become paid subscribers of Apple Music said:
    • Higher quality stream: 56.3%
    • Larger music selection: 17.4%
    • Playlists and exclusive content curated by artists: 9.4%
    • Low cost: 8.4%
    • Simple user interface/layout: 5.4%
    • Other: 3.1%

Apple has very lofty goals for its Apple Music service, publicly announcing a target of 100 million paid subscribers. While our research suggests that this won’t happen overnight, Apple will likely be launching the service with a very large base of initial users, and will be well positioned to leapfrog incumbents like Pandora and Spotify to become the world’s largest streaming music service.

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